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May is Red Cross Month


In 1863 Henri Dunant, one of the founders of the International Red Cross came upon the Battle of Solferino and saw there was nobody helping the wounded from either side.  It was this horrific scene that was the birth of Red Cross throughout Europe, which eventually extended to 199 countries around the world.

For over 70 years Bermuda Red Cross has supported our local community with many services, such as blood donor clinic (no longer with us), family emergency planning presentations, first aid support at events, training courses, transport services, thrift shopping and medical equipment rentals.

It gives us great joy to know that many vulnerable community members have access to free assistance from our many services.

Who would have thought we would still be living with restrictions one year on from the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has altered the way all of us manage our day-to-day lives.

We have had to adjust many of the ways in which we service the community, some of which you will see in the other sections of this newsletter.

We were very fortunate to have received funding from last year’s Bermuda Emergency Fund, which supported the work we did as an Auxiliary to Government specifically with the Ministry of Health.

However, our 3 fee-for services were closed for several months and other donations didn’t materialize.  Other than the COVID Emergency Fund, we do not receive funding from Government, so all funds raised through our services, events and regular donations is what keeps us going as an essential service to you, our community.

After a year like no other, we are now fighting to be here for another 70 years, so this year we are reaching out and asking for your help by making a donation and supporting your Bermuda Red Cross to get through another challenging year.

Thank you

Ann  Spencer-Arscott, JP

Executive Director

Spreading The Love

Power of Kindness

Kindness :- the quality of being friendly, generous & considerate

One small gesture or act of kindness can change the course of a person’s life.  Bermuda Red Cross have seven fundamental principles by which they are guided.  These principles are the foundation of all Red Cross Red Crescent around the world.

We at Bermuda Red Cross want to help foster the Power of Kindness in our community, not just when there is an obvious need, but all the time, using our fundamental principles.

Humanity – Serve people without discrimination

Impartiality – Care for everyone no matter what side you are on

Neutrality – Serve all people and never take sides

Independence – Serve without influence from anyone or anything

Voluntary Service – Serve with your time, skills and support, not looking for a reward

Unity – Serve by working together with many skills, one purpose, one goal so we all can benefit.

Universality – Serve everyone regardless of status

Through our social media platforms Bermuda Red Cross aims to show you how the Power of Kindness embodies our fundamental principles as we serve our community.

Because Of You We Can Serve The Community

During the past 15 months the Disaster Management service of Bermuda Red Cross has been challenged by the Covid pandemic in ways beyond anything anticipated in any of our disaster management exercises.   Our resources have been equally tested!

We continue to support the Government response team as an auxiliary.  During the first quarter of 2021 our Disaster Manager and team of 42 Psychosocial Responders have supported the Department of Health in the following areas:  coordinating vaccine consent forms; acting as a call in centre for coordinating transport to vaccine sites; contact tracing; distribution of masks to most vulnerable communities and essential services; call in Psychosocial First Aid support system to community and community check in’s.

With thanks from a generous donor, the Disaster Manager has enjoyed the support of a Bermudian intern student throughout this time as an additional resource.  This time with us has also given him an invaluable insight into the Third Sector as well as an understanding of giving back to his community.


Diane Gordon

Disaster Manager