Baby Sitting Courses

The Babysitting Basics course from the American Red Cross gives those ages 12 and older a foundation on which to build their babysitting business. Designed for new babysitters, this course delivers information clearly, concisely and interactively – and it’s the perfect way for young people to learn about all of the responsibilities that come with the job. The course includes CPR/AED/First Certification.
American Red Cross’ Babysitting Basics class covers a wide range of information that can help new babysitters gain the skills and confidence needed to care for infants and children.
* How to care for infants and children
* What to do in an emergency and how to stay safe
* Choosing activities that are age appropriate
* Recognizing, understanding and handling certain behaviours
* Feeding and Diapering
* Starting your babysitting business
Link to the online babysitting course:
This online course offers interactive modules that allow you to test your skills in a simulated environment. Developed by experts in the field, our online babysitting classes deliver the information you need in a convenient, easy-to-use format. Recommended for ages 12 years and up.