Happy 70th Anniversary Bermuda Red Cross

Bermuda Red Cross Celebrates 70 Years of Service To Bermuda   Today is World Red Cross Day, a day for a Non-profit that has been around for 138 years, serving in 192 nations backed by 12,000,000 volunteers. This year Bermuda Red Cross is celebrating 70 years of service to the community.   We have worked […]


Bermuda Red Cross #IsolationGames on TikTok

#IsolationGames launches on TikTok to support the Bermuda Red Cross                   The British #IsolationGames are underway in the UK and has attracted millions of views on TikTok, all whilst supporting the great work of the British Red Cross. Hockey player Sam Ward of Team GB, initially came […]


Press Conference From The Premier – March 29th

Press Conference From The Premier – March 29th Good afternoon. I issued a press release last night giving an update on the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases there are in Bermuda. That update of 22 confirmed cases is the case at this moment in time. There are no additional cases to report at this moment. […]


Press Conference on Saturday March 28th

Press Conference on Saturday March 28th Good afternoon Bermuda: As a further measure of public safety the Governor, in consultation with the Premier, the Hon. David Burt has exercised his authority under the Emergency Powers Act 1963. This has allowed for the enactment of the Summary Offences (Curfew) Order 2020 where the public is required […]


Bermuda's Numbers Increase to 17 Positive COVID-19 Cases

GOOD AFTERNOON. This has been another incredibly busy day for the entire Government team engaged in this pandemic response for Bermuda. Let me begin this press briefing by thanking the people of Bermuda who have taken the time to send messages of support for the work that is being done by your government. These are […]


Premier Press Conference – 7 People Diagnosed With COVID-19

25 March COVID-19 Update from Premier David Burt Good afternoon. I want to start this evening with a thank you. There are many people who are working around the clock to help put processes in place that make a difference to the lives of Bermudians during this unprecedented global pandemic. We have come together and […]