Health IQ As Per Minister Health’s Press Statement

The Health Council worked with young local talent, Gabriel Jones who is an 18 year old Saltus student, and a seasoned software engineer, Lee McArthur, to launch HealthIQ which will help us, as a community, to track symptoms based on COVID criteria. It will also provide users with individualized information and follow-up by professionals based on various risk factors (such as being medically vulnerable), and track trends and gaps so that we can better identify places where partners like donors and the Third Sector can focus resources.
This data is very important as we plan for and transition from Phase I, to Phase II, Phase III, and Phase IV.  This data will make sure we are informed so that we do not skip vital steps in our recovery and are not forced to start back from square one.
By having this critical data, the Health Council will be able to support the Ministry’s Incident Command Team and the contact tracers in their work to identify and contact persons if they are feeling unwell and provide support and advice on what to do.
HealthIQ will also provide the island with more insight into where potential cases of COVID-19 may be and give us a proactive way to address them… giving us tens of thousands of eyes so that we can all stay safe.  As we have seen in other countries such as South Korea, the more information known about the community, the better decisions the population can make about their movement and the public health measures they must adopt.