Disaster Management

Volunteer Responsibilities:

  • Tasks would be based on training covering all areas ranging from Communications, Psychological/Social Support, International Tracing and Family Links, 1st Triage, Risk Reduction and many more.


Volunteer Requirements:

  • Anytime there is a major crisis that requires response from the Red Cross, our volunteers would be asked to respond based on an 8 hour shift maximum, for the duration of the crisis.  Of course, depending on the crisis the duration of the response could be anywhere from 24 hours through 3 months.
  • All volunteers wishing to work within the Disaster Response area must be fully certified in Adult, infant and child CPR, basic first aid, AED (Automated External Defibrillators) IIA (Ideals in Action) which is the introduction course to the Red Cross/Red Crescent, our 7 Fundamental Principles, International Humanitarian Law, and the Geneva Conventions.
  • After training is complete we would be asking our volunteers to take part in any exercises to practice the skills that they have been trained to use based on cross agency response to be sure that everyone is familiar with how response works.  As for actual response it would be on an as needed basis, and volunteers would be contacted, by team leaders, and office staff.
  • We would provide uniforms, ID and any equipment needed in a response situation.


Volunteer Application Form