Adult & Paediatric CPR/AED Nov 25th

BLENDED LEARNING  – Adult & Paediatric CPR/AED

Due to the impact of the COVID -19  virus on how we are able to train, we have had to make some changes to our training process. We will be offering our Blended Learning course which is online theory and two hours in class practical training.

This process is completed in 2 parts

Part 1 – (instructions for the online portion and link are below) participants must complete the online portion accessed through the link .  When complete you will receive a “Proceed to Skills Session Certificate” this certificate is then sent to our Education Manager at, as proof of completion.  Once received, participants are then eligible to attend the second part. Without this email you can not participate in the practical class.

Part 2 – Participants attend the practical hands on portion and when completed receive Adult/Paediatric CPR/AED certification valid for 2 years (Adult Conscious Choking & Bandaging at this time is strictly through the online process and manual due to restrictions on partnering up with people)

Times slots for “Skills Session” will be booked with a maximum number of 6 persons per session.

Times available: 

9:00am to 11am

Noon to 2pm

3pm to 5pm


Link to On-Line Course 

 Use the following link to start the Blended Learning on-line session.

Please read carefully:

Register by creating a new account – your email address and a password, then proceed with the instructions that follow.  You must complete all CPR/AED missions and the final assessment to receive the certificate. For some people the link above works as a hyper link, for some it worked better to copy and paste the link into a browser.  FIREFOX is recommended.   You will require Adobe Acrobat DC and an up-to-date Flash Player.  You must allow pop-up and cookies.  If you are doing this course on a work-related computer, you may need to check with your IT/security team to make sure the system will allow you to use Acrobat DC/Flash Player and pop-ups and cookies.  The course will not work without these.

This Link is for the course manual (download .pdf format)

Special Note: This will not work on a smartphone

Course fees are non-refundable unless participants give 2 BUSINESS DAYS notice of cancellation or a need to reschedule. Be advised that we will only reschedule ONCE without charging for the course in full. Effective immediately, there will be a $50.00 rescheduling fee. Credits for rescheduled classes will only be valid for one year.

Late Arrivals:  once the class is in session, participants will be asked to reschedule at the discretion of the instructor, as material that has been covered will not be repeated and we will not certify if the participant has missed portions of the course.  Course fees are forfeit.


We will not be offering evening or Saturday Courses until further notice.  If you were confirmed for a course between March and June 2020, please call the office. 


Event details

  • November 25, 2020
  • Wednesday, 12PM to 2PM

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  • $125 Blended Learning Course All Booked
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Adult & Paediatric CPR/AED Nov 25th

Wednesday, 12PM to 2PM
November 25, 2020


Adult & Paediatric CPR/AED Nov 25th

Wednesday, 12PM to 2PM
November 25, 2020